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Tuesday28 May 2024

Why Choose Us?

UCCU provides innovative services at competitive prices. We always strive to provide better conditions and create more customer value than our competitors.

What can we offer?

Our services include everything from currency trading to lending and guarantee arrangements. UCCU is registered with the Danish FSA.


Our team holds extensive expertise. We tailor our services to suit each individual customer.

Currency liquidity management

We offer companies currency liquidity management. You can as a company do your foreign exchange transactions through UCCU. We can take care of your transactions in foreign currency that you need in your business. We do this in a very cost-effective manner and can offer significant savings compared to your existing bank.

It is easy to buy the currency through UCCU and entails no additional costs. The company does not have to change banks. We are just an additional partner and it is always possible to choose whether to carry out the transaction through UCCU or the existing bank. However, we can guarantee that we almost always can give much better rates for foreign exchange than the bank.

Contact us for more information on what we can do for your business.